Centennial Theatre Department Showcases Disney’s “Aladdin Junior”

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Join our Centennial Theatre Department on a magic carpet ride journey to Agrabah, the City of Enchantment, where every beggar has a story and every camel has a tail!

Throughout May 7th-9th our Centennial Theatre Department will be showcasing one of its most anticipated end of the year productions, Disney’s “Aladdin Junior.” The efforts of around 50 exceptionally talented students over the course of 20 weeks is brought to life in this classic, family-friendly Disney musical, “Aladdin Jr.” Working in collaboration with our school’s choral department, the classic tale of Aladdin is told through whimsical musical theatre accompanied with colorful, well-coordinated choreography creating for a lively and unique experience to be enjoyed by audience. The fast-paced, yet cohesive musical production bears many similarities to the animated feature film.

Junior, Noah Aguas, will be playing Aladdin in the musical alongside seniors, Devin Griffin (Wednesday & Friday) and Alex Corridi (Thursday), who will both be playing Jasmine on separate days. The character of Genie will be played by freshman, Trevor Jones, and the role of main antagonist Jafar will be played by senior, Gerard Marquez. Mel Sumners and Ari Arellano will play Jafar’s evil bird-sidekick, Lago.

The cast truly breathes life into the classic, vivid characters that most are familiar with from the Aladdin tale.  Stellar performances of Disney classics from the feature film such as “A Whole New World” and “Friend Like Me” are also performed accompanied with well-choreographed dance, vibrant costumes, and radiant stage-lighting.

Doors open at 6:30pm and tickets will be sold at the door for $15! The show will be from 7-9pm. “Come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and fly…” to the Performing Arts Center this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for a show you do not want to miss out on!

Centennial vs. Corona Panthers

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Huskies Claw Past the Panthers in Blow-out Fashion!!!

Friday, October 5th was the Huskies first league game of the year against the Corona Panthers, which proved to a lot of people why the Huskies are now ranked 17th in California. After a great homecoming victory last week against the Etiwanda Eagles, the Huskies had plenty of confidence going into a big city rivalry game. Early in the first quarter the Panthers jumped on a miscue by the Huskies which gave them a quick 2-0 lead. Luckily, this was not a set-back for Centennial, but a motivational key for the offense to get down the field in a hurry and get a touchdown from junior wide receiver,  Barry Ware. After a successful two point conversion by Robert Webber, junior quarterback, the Huskies took the lead 8-2. The defense continued to pressure Panthers quarterback #11 Joe Covarrubias which gave the ball back into the Huskies hands in no time at all.  Junior running back, Tre Watson, was potent in the next drive, juking his way to a 10 yard touchdown run, raising the Huskies lead to 14-2. The Huskies finished up the first quarter in style with a deep hail mary pass from Webber to Ware for his second touchdown of the night, giving Centennial a 22-2 lead.

Corona Panthers started the second quarter with a pep in their step, which led to a #17 Tramel Davis touchdown putting the Panther back on the board again with the score 22-8. On the ensuing kickoff, #33 John Plattenburg’s hard work finally paid off with a 90 yard return touchdown which proved to be a major momentum shifter. As the Huskies offense triumphs a two point conversion, the score rose to 30-9 in favor of the Huskies. While the defense proved to be stellar yet again, the offense gave them more room to breathe. Before halftime, Webber threw two touchdown passes to senior wide reciever, Ryan Pascarella and senior wide receiver, Chase Krivashei to increase the Huskies lead to an overwhelming 44-9. Coming out of halftime, the Panthers scored two touchdowns to bring the deficit within 44-24. The Huskies would have no part in risking their lead and quickly refocused. #24 Miquan Johnson proved that focus was an important part of the game due to the fact that he got his first touchdown of the season and jolting the Huskies lead to 54-24.

The highlight of the night went to Huskies wide receiver Marco Catalano with his first touchdown catch of the year. He was jumping for joy and being carried off the field by his teammates in celebration. It sealed the victory for the Huskies over the Panthers with a final score of 61-24! The Huskies now move their record to 5-1, (on a 5- game winning streak), and now prepping for another league rivalry match against the 3-3 Norco Cougars Friday October 12, 2012, 7pm at Norco High School.


IBSA Mentoring

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Every Friday, members of IBSA volunteer two and a half hours of their time to mentor students at Garretson Elementary School. From planning events like talent shows, water balloon tosses, or just playing games on the playground, the mentors have a lot of fun with the kids, while also acting as a positive role model. Matthew Mansat, a senior, has been coming since his freshman year. He says, “I’ve enjoyed that they are like a younger brother or sister.” For students without siblings, mentoring is the chance to experience some of the responsibilities of being an older sibling.

Britny Patterson, a sophomore, loves mentoring the students. She even says, “I wish they had this at my elementary school.” The true reward of mentoring is the positive impact it has on the kids.  It is apparent by the excitement on the kids’ faces that they look up to the mentors. Getting the opportunity to play with the kids is like returning to elementary school. All the stressful tests and projects are done for the week, and it truly is like being a kid again. Out on the playground, it is common to see the mentors towering over the students at Garretson as they join in on their handball games.

The program has been such a success this year that it has been extended to tutoring sessions on Tuesdays. In the end, it all comes back to helping the kids. As Camille Michaluk, a junior, explained, “It’s just nice to have an impact on other generations.”

2012 Homecoming Dance

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ASB’s 2012 Homecoming Dance started off with an explosive bang. The Husky spirit made this Vegas themed night a spectacular and glamorous evening for all the students. With over 800 tickets sold and the line starting from the  stage in the new quad and wrapping around to the vending machine, this was definitely an event that could not be missed. From the hundreds of boasting teens, the wait was finally over. DJ Kris P pumped up the crowd, exhilarating an upheaval of people into spasms of melodious rhythm on the dance floor. Go-go stages towered above dazzling girls and classed-out men. Seniors with ASB enjoyed the exclusive section reserved with a convenient view of the excitement coming from the dance floor.

There wasn’t just the boom of the music to entertain because Vegas was in the air with poker, blackjack and Roulette casino tables. Students could also rock their best movie star pose with decked out feather boas, funky glasses and crazy hats inside a photo booth. To compensate for the thrill and excitement from the energy-draining event, were the sweet decadent food to match. The lovely night offered oozing chocolate brownies, zesty pastries, flavorful chips, fluffy marshmallows, a rich chocolate fountain and sugary treats to satisfy any case of the munchies. All into the hours of darkness with the energy hyped,  Homecoming Court announced 16 lucky students as queen and king. Eventually, with exhaustion seeping in, the spark that fired up the evening, dimmed as students began to head home. Thanks to all the Huskies that made this night unforgettable.

Centennial vs. Roosevelt

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On Friday, November 4, Centennial played the Roosevelt Mustangs, but it was also Senior Night and Coach Logan’s birthday. On the Huskies’ first offensive drive, Romello Goodman had a 36 yard rush to the 10 yard line and then capped it off with a 10 yard touchdown run, to give the Huskies a 7-0 lead with nine minutes left in the 1st quarter. After the Mustangs scored a touchdown of their own, the Huskies started their second offensive drive. The Mustangs sacked Quarterback Hayden Gavett, to force a three and out. A bad punt by the Huskies lead to a quick Mustang touchdown to give Roosevelt the lead 14-7 with three mintutes left in the 1st quarter. Seeing that his defense was playing poorly, King Battle shouted, “Now it’s time to play!” The Huskies got the ball back with 2 minutes left and started their drive down the field. A couple catches by Giles Guy-Williams lead to a 39 yard rushing touchdown by Romello Goodman to tie the game at 14 a piece.

At the start of the 2nd quarter, a magnificent 55 yard punt return by Izaac Colunga was called back due to an illegal block in the back. A 15 yard pass from Hayden Gavett to Ryan Pascarella led to a a 36 yard field goal by Rigo Luna. This gave the Huskies a 17-14 lead with eight minutes left in the 2nd quarter. After the Mustangs tied up the score, Romello Goodman bursted through the lines for a 66 yard touchdown run of his own, and extended the Huskies lead 31-17 with two minutes and thirty-one seconds left. A muffed punt by the Mustangs recovered by the Huskies at the 20 yard line led to a 20 yard touchdown pass from Gavett to Pascarella, and gave the Huskies a 38-17 lead to end the 2nd quarter.

Halfway over, the game was in the hands of the Huskies. But 8 minutes into the game, Roosevelt scored a touchdown, and the score became 38-24. Now with Huskies on the offensive, it was their time to shine. Though when they were up against Roosevelt’s defense, Romello Goodman scored a 30 yard touchdown run 5 mintues into the game. Luna’s fieldgoal kick it helped secured the Huskies’ victory.  At the end of the 3rd quarter, the score was 45-24.

When the 4th quarter began, not much was done between the teams. As the game came to an end, the Huskies and Mustangs didn’t score any touchdowns. Once the game was over, the Huskies defeated the Mustangs 45-24, bringing their record to 8 wins and 1 loss. The next team that the Huskies will face will be the MLK Wolves at MLK High School. The Wolves recently played JW North Huskies and lost, 14-35. They now possess a record of 0 wins and 9 losses. So come out this Thursday to MLK High and support the varsity football team, as we take on the Wolves on their home field.

Homecoming Game 2011

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Here are the pictures that were taken on October 7th during Centennial’s Homecoming Game! Read more about it at http://tinyurl.com/3kxt4nw.

Centennial vs Norco

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On October 21, Centennial’s football team played against the Norco Cougars for their 7th game in the 2011-2012 season.

The game this past Friday night was like every other typical night at the Husky Stadium. However, this game didn’t just celebrate a Husky victory, it also celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Because of this, students and faculty members showed their creativity by wearing whatever they had that was pink to show their support.

As the stadium roared with screams and the vibration of stomps in the stands erupted, out came the varsity team, running through the tunnel of cheerleaders. Before the team hudled and chanted into the skies, a lot of players knelt in prayer at the endzone to help them prepare for the game. On the other hand, Norco seemed to have a different take on chanting when they gathered together and swayed side to side all in one motion, facing the Husky team. Laughter arose in the stands and among the players, putting their hands in the air as though what they were doing was ridiculous.

As the starting whistle blew, Rigo Luna punted the ball, running alongside the starting lineup for kickoff down the field. Within the first 3 minutes of the game, Romello Goodman gave the Huskies their first touchdown and with Luna’s fieldgoal, the score of the game was 7-0. As the 1st quarter continued, the Huskies used their defensive team to try and stop Norco from scoring. With 4 minutes left in the 1st quarter, the Cougars scored a touchdown and with no fieldgoal, the score was now 7- 6. Not for long though. Faith was restored in the stands when Giles Guy-Williams scored a touchdown, now leading the Huskies 14-6. After the touchdown, Norco wasn’t able to comeback as much as they thought they would. With the 1st quarter ending, the score remained 14-6.

Once the 2nd quarter began, it was Norco’s chance to try and score a touchdown, which would only make them a point behind the Huskies. But with 9 minutes into the 2nd quarter, the Huskies were now in posession of the ball after a fumble occured, which was recovered by Van Dennis. Giving Norco no hope in scoring, the Huskies were in pursuit of winning. With 7 minutes into the 2nd quarter, the Huskies scored a touchdown, with a score of 21-6. After a flag was called for personal foul, the Huskies had the chance to kick a fieldgoal. With the success of scoring a fieldgoal  by Luna, the score was now 24-6.

Half way over, the game was in the hands of the Huskies. Only 4 minutes into the 2nd half, Hayden Gavett scored a touchdown, and with Luna’s kick, the Huskies were leading 31-6. With Norco now on the offensive, it was their time to shine. Norco Quarterback Coltin Grehart made a pass to one of his players, but it was intercepted by Husky defensive back Izaac Colunga, who caught the ball and ran all the way down to the 5 yard line, giving the Huskies a chance to score a touchdown. With that, Hayden Gavett scored the touchdown with only 6 minutes left in the 3rd quarter. The score was now 38-6. However, at this time Gavett suffered an arm injury and was replaced with the back-up quarterback, Robert Webber.  With only a minute left, the Norco Cougars were able to score a touchdown.  To end the 3rd quarter, the score was 38-12.

As the 4th quarter began, not much was done between both teams. Flags were called here and there from either team, giving them penalities for their actions. With only 4 minutes left in the game, the Huskies were leading 45-12. As the game came to an end, Norco was able to score within the remaining 3 minutes, the score now  45-18. Once the game was over, the Huskies defeated the Cougars 45-18 and now have a recored of 6 wins and 1 loss. The next team that the Huskies will face will be the Corona Panthers at Corona High. The Panthers recently played the Santiago Sharks and lost with a score of 34-3. They now possess a record of 2 wins and 5 losses. So come out this Friday to Corona High and support the varsity football team, as we take on the Panthers on their home field.

JW North vs. Centennial: Homecoming Game

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On October 7, Centennial’s football team played against JW North for their 5th game in the 2011-2012 season. Throughout the game, the Huskies dominated the field, restricting North from trying to score a touchdown.

The game on this past Friday wasn’t like most nights at Husky Stadium, with the usual football game and halftime show, it was what most students consider the most important home game of the year: the Homecoming Game. With this year’s theme, Into the Wild, things became fierce with a night filled with a lot of jungle themed enthusiasm. But what it all comes down to, is that a Friday night football game at Centennial is the place to be.

As the song “Bring Em Out” by T.I blasted through the stadium, the team came storming out with the same eagerness they always bring to a game. Before the game, some of the players knelt in prayer at the end zone to help them prepare for the game. Not only was this the Homecoming game, it was also another football game.

As the first 12 minutes of the game began, Rigo Luna led the starting lineup for kickoff down the field. Within the first 50 seconds, Romello Goodman got the Huskies their first touchdown and with Luna’s kick the score of the game was 7-0. As the game continued, Quarterback, Haden Gavett’s passes to Goodman were being completed play by play, which lead them more towards the end zone. With North having the 1st down and 10 yards to go, Goodman was able to recover the ball from a fumble, giving Centennial possession of the ball. With a completed pass and Goodman on the 17 yard line, Centennnial had the opportunity to score a touchdown. Once they ran the play, Gavett, rushed towards the end zone and scored a touchdown, which brought the score to 14-0. As 1st quarter trailed on, it ended with a score of 28-3, Centennial in the lead.

As the game continued, North was able to score 34 points in touchdowns. However, with the hard-hitting defense of our team, the outcome of the game proved who the winning Huskies were that night. As the game ended, Centennial won with a victory of 52-34. With another conquest in the hands of our talented team, they now possess a 4-1 record. The next team that the Huskies will face is the Santiago Sharks, who recently won against Norco with a score of 49-22. So for the next game, go support the varsity football team, as we drown the Sharks on their home field.

A Guide to Scholarships

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Once you find the right university, scholarships are the first type of aid to help you pay for college.

For seniors, applying for college is the main focus towards the end of the first semester. With the rising cost in colleges, students often turn toward scholarships to try to receive free money. There are many places where you search for scholarships. Finding them on the internet or asking your counselor about available ones are two main ways to help your search seem a bit easier in the process. You just have to find as many you can that fit your citeria.

In the world of schlorships, they’re tricky to get since there is a lot of competition. Nearly a million scholarships are given out annually and when trying to choose the right few, where do you start?   Research, research, research will be your key in the exploration of finding the right scholarships. Colleges and universities will have their own various scholarships, which will most likely be posted on their website. It all depends on what kind of scholarship you want.

There are about 3 major types scholarships that you can earn before going to college.

    1. The Merit Scholarship- This scholarship is based on your overall academic acheivement. This is awarded to students who have a top GPA, an excellent SAT/ACT score, and a high clas ranking. These scholarships are highly competitive and come in different forms.

    2. Need-Based Scholarship- This kind of scholarship is given entirely on financial means. They’re designed to fund the less-fournate students in pursuit of academic success. Committes look at the parents’ income, the cost of living, etc.

    3. Athletic Scholarship- Star athletes are popularly given these type of scholarships by universities to recruit them for their athletic team. Most full-scholarship athletes are drafted by scouts while in high school. These scholarships are something you usually don’t pursue. Rather, they’re offered to you.

While several scholarships are school based, others revolve around almost every other personal element that exists. Many websites and books are designed to find you as many scholarships as possible. To help start your research, here are some listed websites and books provided by bookrags.com:


  • www.scholarships.com
  • www.fastweb.com
  • www.college-scholarships.com
  • www.guaranteed-scholarships.com
  • www.finaid.org/scholarships
  • www.absolutelyscholarships.com


  • How To Go To College Almost For Free by Ben Kaplan
  • The Scholarship Scouting Report: An Insider’s Guide to America’s Best Scholarships by Ben Kaplan
  • The College Board Scholarship Handbook 2004: All New Seventh Edition by Joseph A. Russo
  • Winning Grants: Step by Step, 2nd Edition by Mim Carlson
  • Scholarships, Grants, and Prizes, 2004 by Peterson’s
  • Complete Idiot’s Guide to Financial Planning for College by David Rye


Study Tips for the Average Student

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Are you studying, but the material doesn’t stick? Try these helpful tips for some easy studying!

Students always need to study for one reason or another, whether for a huge test coming up or for a vocabulary quiz. The material can be really hard or very simple, but the fact still remains that studying doesn’t come effortless to everyone, including myself. Some things you can do to improve your studying habits are really easy.

  • Study for fifteen minutes a day, instead of cramming two hours before a test.  It’s a win-win. You learn a little each day and you don’t have to take two hours out of one day to cram for a test. Cramming is proven to be the worst way to study.
  • If you take notes in class, look over them that night. You are able to understand and remember the information better. Then, if you don’t understand something, you can ask your teacher the next day and not have to worry about it the night before a test.
  • Another tip is to review old information before you start studying for the next section. This is extremely helpful for math classes, because it tends to build off of the previous units. Check over previous tests, quizzes, and notes for the formulas and explanations.
  • Summarize! Summarizing information and writing it down after studying ties all the key points together. Then read over your notes to see if you left anything out. If you did, then study these more!
  • Last, but not least, try to study right before bed. A few minutes before going to bed, review any notes, lectures, formulas, or definitions that you would need for the test. The material will be more memorable with you thinking about it during your dreams.

Following these simple and easy tips will most definitely help you in any studying situation you might have. We all know that they won’t be stopping any time soon!

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