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Haunting Your Prayer?

Jody Cheng, Staff Writer

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St George’s church in the Czech Republic is the ideal place for worship. That is if you can ignore the presence of ghosts!


The church was abandoned in the 1960s after the roof had collapsed during a funeral service. Thus, the church became known as the “Cursed Church” by the locals.


However, almost four decades later, local artist Jakub Hadrava draws in many tourists and visitors with his eerie sculptures. The figures represent the ghosts of the Germans living in Lukova before World War II who came to pray at this church, explains Hadrava.

And these phantoms fill the pews and aisles of the church, joining you in prayer.

But you don’t need to travel to the Czech Republic to experience this ominous adventure! We have our own ghostly endeavors on every October 31st!

Halloween is the third most celebrated holiday in America, after Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Halloween originated from an ancient pagan festival celebrated by the Celtics more than 2,000 years ago. This festivals was mainly celebrated in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and northwestern France, but was brought over to America in the 1800s.


But over the years, we have transformed Halloween into a distinct American tradition by adding our own twists on the celebration.

Various Centennial students describe their opinions on Halloween:

“It’s a great excuse to eat a lot of candy in a short period of time and it lets people live their dreams.”

“I think we should get school off for it.” (I do too!)

“Halloween can get pretty crazy BUT I really Halloween and dressing up and candy is always a plus.”

“Harmless holiday.”

“I always watch Charlie Brown Halloween special. It’s become a tradition of mine and my brothers. We manage to have a good time even though we don’t do anything major.”

“Halloween is fun whether you want to get spooked or just have a fun time overall. 10/10.”

To partake in your own spooky adventure, be sure to join the Husky Halloween experience at the Harvest Festival on October 27th! With games, food and our own haunted house, maybe you’ll end up with a ghost of your own!

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Haunting Your Prayer?