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GSSI sponsors the Corona Centennial football team with its G-Series Products

GSSI is sponsoring the Corona Centennial high school football team as they aim to promote sports nutrition and educate high school athletes about how to improve their performance.

Tiana A. Williams, Sports Editor

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The Gatorade Sports Science Institute has begun a partnership with the highly ranked high school football team Corona Centennial. On Friday November 14th before the team’s first game of the CIF playoffs, Gatorade provided them with their Gatorade performance packs that include drinks, powder mix, protein shakes, energy chews and recovery protein bars. The G Series packs are designed to give athletes the energy and hydration needed to maximize their performance on the field. At the same time GSSI is aiming to educate players on how to take care of their bodies.

The partnership began with a single phone call from the secretary of the touchdown booster club at Centennial, Evelyn Anderson, whose son also plays on the team. “I reached out to them [Gatorade] during the heat wave earlier this year and I said, hey we need Gatorade” said Anderson on the partnership, “you could tell the players were exhausted after practice because it is ten degrees hotter up here on the turf.”  Anderson simply explained to Gatorade that Centennial was one of the best high school football teams in the country, and that their players needed better fuel during activity and for recovering after practice and games. Gatorade began to supply the program with G-series products, giving them G-packs filled with Gatorade along with their powder mix.

“It feels good to be refuelled,” says Centennial defensive back Jihree Stuart “plus it’s a great marketing tool for our program.” Gatorade recently became an official partner of the program that supplies them with 300 protein drinks a week; the booster club only has to pay 50 cents per drink and Gatorade would sponsor the rest. “The team was ecstatic when they found out about it,” says Anderson “our vision now is that all sports programs here at Centennial will be sponsored by Gatorade.” Studies conducted by GSSI emphasize the importance of having effective dietary constituents to enhance skill performances in sports, which is what head coach Matt Logan feels is the most important aspect of this partnership. “This is very important to us because it’s hard for kids to eat right, so it is important that they get max benefit during and after training and [Gatorade] provides that.” The new partnership has demonstrated to the Centennial players that performing well has to do with what you put in your body as well as how you practice. Forrest Rivers, a linebacker for Centennial says “it feels really good to know that they care about us. It’s going to keep us hydrated and ready to play.”

Gatorade sponsoring the Centennial football program is not only going to contribute to the performances of these athletes but their knowledge of sports nutrition as well. “It’s good for our nutrition that they’re sponsoring us” says defensive back Chacho Ulloa, “and of course you always want the best to rep the best.”

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GSSI sponsors the Corona Centennial football team with its G-Series Products