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A Night on Broadway with Centennial Choir

Centennial's choir wowed the audience with their amazing concert.

Ashlynn Torres, College Corner Editor

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Centennial’s “A Night on Broadway” Concert was a huge success for our choir, who has been tirelessly fundraising money to go to a choir competition in San Francisco. The show offered the perfect opportunity for Centennial choir to showcase their talents while also raising money to represent Centennial against other high school choirs. Avni Patel, a senior and a member of the treble choir was happy that the show was such a success, saying “We actually had the highest amount of ticket sales we’ve ever had!”

The show featured songs from popular Broadway musicals like Shrek, Little Shop of Horrors, The Book of Mormon, and Bonnie and Clyde. After the audience had already been treated to wonderful performances by solo singers and duets, the talented treble choir filled the stage, singing a Dream Girls medley. They were followed by the Madrigals, who sang a Les Miserables medley to close the show.

There was an added bonus immediately following the concert. As an additional source of money to fund their San Francisco trip, choir hosted a pie-in-the-face event where the highest bidder could pie a choir member, teacher, or faculty member. People were excited for an excuse to pie a friend or favorite teacher. The highest bid was placed on Centennial principal Dr. Roberts. Student Connor Lowe paid $300 for the chance to throw a pie at Dr. Roberts, triumphantly yelling “This is for block schedule!” as he sent the pie flying.

With the success of this concert, Centennial’s choir is that much closer to reaching their fundraising goal. They are planning a few small fundraisers so that they can reach their final goal of competing in San Francisco.

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A Night on Broadway with Centennial Choir