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Club Rush 2015

Huskies Get Involved!

Sarah McReynolds, Features Editor

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Last Friday, September 4th, Centennial’s main quad was packed with EZ-Ups, posters, and school spirit. Over sixty clubs had booths, and they were decked out. Some looked like Art Deco masterpieces, others were tropical paradises. Some clubs had over 200 prospective members sign up. A wide variety of clubs are present on campus as well, ranging from science and technology clubs, to dance and sports clubs, with all of the clubs in between.

Additionally, there were many performances by Centennial’s dance groups.

Clubs are a large component of student participation on campus, and clubs are beneficial to student success. Clubs not only are vital to college admissions (CollegeBoard writes that “Your extracurricular activities…show colleges who you are”), but they increase your likelihood of graduating. In 2010, only seven out of ten seniors graduated. However, clubs have been shown to dramatically increase a students chance of earning high school diploma.

Students at Club Rush said they felt “excited” and “impressed” by the large amount of club booths. Perhaps this an optimistic sign that even more students will graduate in the coming year.

Club Rush had many fantastic performances!

Emma Suarez
Club Rush had many fantastic performances!

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Club Rush 2015