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Emma Watson Launches #HeForShe

A magical event, and no, it isn't Harry Potter!

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If not me, who? If not now, when?”

— Emma Watson

Emma Watson is more than just Hermione Granger to fans around the world. She’s a Brown graduate, model, and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador trying to make a difference in gender equality. Watson announced the new campaign #HeForShe during her speech at the UN on September 20th.

During her speech, Watson covered key points. Her first was acknowledging that the word “feminist” in today’s society is considered bad and implies that a feminist is a man hater. She corrects these opinions and states that feminism is not something to shame and is in no way negative. She defined feminism as “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” Senior Sonalee Patel stated, “I agree that the word feminism is looked down upon. It shouldn’t be.” It is sometimes considered cool to go against trends, so many like saying that they are not feminist just to go against the trend. But feminism is more than just a little trend. It is a major issue that needs support to make a difference in the world.

The difference between Watson’s gender equality movement and most other movements is that she recognizes the importance of men in the movement. She refers to Hillary Clinton’s speech on women’s rights in 1997 and reminds everyone that less than 30% of her audience was male. Men and women need to cooperate to end gender inequality.

However, Watson doesn’t just want men to help women feel equal in the world. She wants everyone to be aware that even men do not experience gender equality. They often face social inequality by having various manly expectations. Men tend to avoid sharing their emotions. They feel like they must be in control and must be strong. Both men and women face gender discrimination everyday, and it is important to recognize that supporting feminism and gender equality will help more than just women.

The #HeForShe campaign can be found on www.heforshe.org. Those who want to help can take action by agreeing to a statement and sign up for the cause. On the website, there is a map that illustrates how many men in each country and around the world have joined the gender equality movement.


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Emma Watson Launches #HeForShe