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Chacho Ulloa commits to Stanford

Tiana A. Williams, Sports Editor

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Chacho Ulloa (far left) visitng Stanford UNiversity with his parents.

Chacho Ulloa (far left) visitng Stanford University with his parents.


For senior defensive back, Chacho Ulloa, playing at the next level was always one of his dreams and aspirations. Training outside of organized football since the age of nine; success in football was always in his future, and when the time came for Ulloa to make his decision on which university he would attend academics was the final and greatest factor that leaned the star DB towards Stanford University.

On October 13, 2015 Ulloa verbally committed to the prestigious, Stanford University. Ulloa, who has been a highly scouted and recruited player here at Centennial, made his decision after narrowing his choices down to Arizona State, Notre Dame, and Stanford. Ulloa admits that the process was not easy but he was able to keep his decision a secret nearly two months before publicly announcing his choice.

“The offers stopped coming in July […] and I figured out which school I was going to in late August early September, and my family and coaches knew but I didn’t really publicize it. It was a hard choice but I really couldn’t lose with either one.” The senior first soft committed two weeks before announcing his final decision via social media with photos of his trips to the university along with a caption saying, “Thank God for this amazing opportunity. I’m excited to say I’m committed to Stanford University #CardClass16.” When making his final decision, Ulloa says ultimately academics and distance won over everything else.

“Obviously Stanford and Notre Dame are just the two great academic schools, but the thing that pushed me towards Stanford was its alumni base, that helps us out really well, and I do fit in the football program a lot more at Stanford than Notre Dame.”  Ulloa also admitted that the distance between home and the two schools was also a major factor that pulled him towards committing to Stanford. The rigorous academic schedule that Ulloa will have along with football at the university will be accompanied by advisors and lots of academic help, as well as mandatory study hall and tutoring two hours a day for incoming freshman. “They say the hardest thing about Stanford is getting into Stanford,” said Ulloa on the academic rigor that he will face once at the university. “I got the SAT scores I needed, I just have to maintain not even all A’s but just B’s. I’m also taking three AP classes this year, so I’ll be okay.”

Ulloa, an extremely versatile player on the field who can expand his game to all three complimentary defensive back positions, feels like he is ready to go on to the next level. “What I’ve got to work on the most is my man-cover skills, and just getting bigger and faster because college is a totally different transition, so I’m just trying to get ready for that transition as much as possible.”

Ulloa has set his standards high for himself next season with the Cardinal, as he plans to get on the field his freshman year and better yet start. However his parents are mainly concerned with his performance at Stanford off the field, although they expressed their excitement to watch their son play for the prestigious university on TV. As far as looking back on their son’s high school career, they are extremely proud of the way their son has been able to balance football, academics and his social life.

Ulloa will be joining a very impressive incoming class of safetys, as well as a powerful and dynamic program that has had its share of successes. Similar to the powerhouse program Ulloa is a part of now, Stanford football is a threat to be reckoned with. Ulloa has proven himself a perfect match for Stanford football but he still knows that he still has a lot of work to do to continue improving as a player. “I just have to work hard in the off-season,” says Ulloa “and get ready as best as I can before I head up to Stanford in June.”

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Chacho Ulloa commits to Stanford